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Project title: 5 Million Faces

Creative genius: creative-J, 17

This project was assigned to me during my first year of my Level 3 Extended Media Diploma in the form of an television advertising brief. We all had to create an idea for a TV advert that would make 5 Million Young Futures famous; as also stated in the Barclay's brief. I started the project by brainstorming and mind mapping a few ideas together and finally came up with the idea of the '5 Million Faces' campaign. The idea originated after I looked into how online campaigning works to make ideas new things popular. I then decided to use 'talking heads' as the focus point in my TV advert, giving young people an opportunity to state what they wanted to do in their future, which I thought would be effective as many people would be able to get involved. To give the advert a theme we ensured that each young person I filmed should say a simple sentence, starting with "In my future I see...". I thought this idea would become famous due to hash-tagging (as it is one of the most popular ways for the internet to communicate ideas at the moment). The following hashtags: #5MillionFaces and #BankingOnChange would be the main way in which the advert could be shared by anyone online. After successfully finishing the advert, I then came up with a further idea that young people all over the world could upload their own short videos online saying what they see in their own futures. By including the provided hashtags in the videos other people can access them and possible want to get involved or share other peoples dreams and ambitions, bringing people closer together and making 5 Million Young Futures famous.

5 Million Faces5 Million Faces5 Million Faces5 Million Faces

DEADLINE: 27th Jun 2014

PRIZE: Please note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.